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Our Mission and Vision

Our mission at “Ideal Quran Academy” is to establish a global platform that enables students from all corners of the world to effortlessly access Quranic education without the constraints of devices or physical locations. We envision ourselves as a guiding force, extending a warm welcome to individuals seeking to embark on the journey of Quranic learning. By removing barriers and ensuring ease of access, we strive to empower learners worldwide to engage with the teachings of the Quran and embrace its wisdom and guidance. Our commitment lies in providing a nurturing environment where students can embark on this transformative journey with utmost convenience and flexibility.
Learn about our Quran learning center
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Engaging Quranic Education for Global Learners

Ideal Quran Academy strives to engage and motivate students in their Quranic education, fostering commitment and excellence. Our professional online teaching service extends to students worldwide. With a team of highly qualified male and female teachers, we prioritize teaching the Quran with Tajweed, ensuring precise pronunciation and adherence to the rulings and characteristics of each letter. Our diverse group of teachers, including native Arabic speakers, possess exceptional flexibility and proficiency in English instruction.At Ideal Quran Academy, we prioritize building strong relationships with our students. Our tailored and differentiated learning programs consider each student’s age, stage, and learning style. Through in-depth consultations, we match students with suitable teachers for a no-obligation free trial. If satisfied, a personalized learning program is developed.Join us at Ideal Quran Academy and embark on your learning journey with us. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to be part of your Quranic education.


Hafiz Abdul Mateen Founder, CEO


Hafiz Abdul Mateen leads the popular Quran Revolution program for Ideal Quran Academy, a revolutionary program helping students read, recite, reflect, and retain Quran. By designing contemporary and pioneering learning systems, Hafiz Abdul Mateen has helped his students revolutionize their interaction with Quran.Hafiz Abdul Mateen has had the unique opportunity to teach over 15,000 students globally. Driven by the single vision to bring the Book and Message of Allah to people around the world.Hafiz Abdul Mateen began his Islamic education at the Institute of Islamic Education in Rawalpindi. He then continued at the Quran Academy in Islamabad, Pakistan, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Arabic grammar and a minor in Arabic literature.

Hafiz Abdul Mateen Founder, CEO ideal Quran Academy

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